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IDC – INSTITUT DE COACHING is making a special offer to all students who wish to continue their training to become a certified Professional Coach. It is a comprehensive “SINGLE-FEE PACKAGE” that covers both basic and advanced training as well as the certification process. It represents a 15% discount on the normal cost of training and certification.


Why such a package?

• IDC training and certification follow a rigorous process of professionalisation recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF). First coaching training program in Switzerland to receive the ICF/ACPT (Accredited Coach Training Program, an accreditation which validates your diploma internationally. IDC is also certified EduQua, the Swiss certificate of quality awarded to institutes of continuous education.
• We are convinced of the value of our training. The certification process is recognised as the most rigorous on the market, with personalised feedback, individual supervision, practice and learning through modelling given by experienced professionals.
• In addition to these advantages, this offer enables you to plan your objectives, especially your professional goals.


• Each registration for “PACKAGE” FULL TRAINING + CERTIFICATION will benefit from a discount of 15%. The total amount for this training is CHF 13 470.- (€* 13 270) instead of CHF 15 700.- (€ * 15 465), which represents a saving of CHF 2 230.- (€* 2 195.-) individual rate.

In order to validate your registration, an advance payment of CHF 950.- (€* 935) must be made. The amount of CHF 13 470.- (€* 13 270) must be paid in full within 30 days of receiving the registration form.

Certifications costs not included

with workshop 
Student Mentorat/coaching ** CHF 980.- (7h)
+ Analysis Workshop CHF 140.
Cost of conf. calls comm. (7x1h30) ~ CHF 60.-
Books CHF 75.-
Examination fees CHF 200.-
Total of costs not included CHF 1’455.-
OVERALL TRAINING COSTS (individual) CHF 14 925.-

without workshop

Student Mentorat/coaching ** CHF 1’400.- (10 h)
Cost of conf. calls comm. (7x1h30) ~ CHF 60.-
Books CHF 75.-
Examination fees CHF 200.-
Total of costs not included CHF 1’735.-
OVERALL TRAINING COSTS (individual) CHF 15 205.-

** to be paid directly by the student to his supervisor
+ The cost of a catch-up programme (if required). This is based on the number of hours of supervision decided by the Training Director (see page 11 of certification programme).
These conditions also apply to company enrollment.
Any request to cancel or transfer must be sent to IDC by registered mail. When a participant is forced to interrupt training for a valid reason, he or she will be offered the possibility of transferring the registration to the next course in the IDC calendar. Such a transfer may be made only once and only to the next course. No reimbursement or compensation will be made for a course that is not attended (see page 12 of certification programme).
All other conditions for coaching training and the certification programme apply in their entirety (please see “General Conditions” of Registration Form and “Certification Training Programme”, especially the conditions for certification process and examination).

* Fees in Euros subject to change according to the rate of exchange

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