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First official Swiss diploma for coaching professionals

IDC on the official list of preparatory courses

About one year ago we were pleased to announce that a new federal diploma of “supervisor coach” was to be introduced, enabling coaches to gain the official recognition they have not received in Switzerland and French-speaking Europe.

Now this is becoming a reality. The Federal Department for the Economy, Training and Research (DEFR) has proposed a series of measures to strengthen advanced professional training. These include financial support for those who have completed courses to prepare for federal professional examinations and advanced federal professional examinations. The Federal Council will take a decision on the final project in the Autumn of 2017 and the financial support programme is planned to begin in January 2018.

What does this mean for IDC students?

We have been informed that the dossier we submitted to SEFRI, the Secretariat for Training, Research and Innovation, has been approved. Consequently, the IDC Certification Programme will be included in the official list of preparatory courses for federal examinations of “supervisor coach”.  One of the conditions is that candidates must have been working as a professional coach for at least 4 years, and IDC certification training gives them the basic competences in coaching that are required to obtain this new diploma.

What financial support?

Being included in the official list of preparatory courses is a key element of the new method of funding for federal examinations. Candidates who have taken such an examination, successfully or not, can request a federal subsidy for courses expenses appearing on this list, covering up to 50% of the costs involved.

We are delighted that the coaching profession is finally receiving official recognition in Switzerland and that IDC is one of the companies validated to provide basic training in this field.

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