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You need a Coach, as we are facing a new dimension of management, the objectives of being coached in front of the pressure and the rising speed of change demand a new dimension of management. The objectives of being coached in our trainings in Switzerland, answer to these needs by a customized coaching: The leader Coach.
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Our experience serving your performance


  • Are your teams motivated? Do they perform well ?
  • Does your style of leadership produce results?
  • How well do you manage stressful situations?
  • What is your company policy for retaining talents?


Your professional ability that makes you respected in your company is not in question. However, all kinds of pressure and the rising speed of change create tensions and stress that can be destabilizing for anyone

We are facing a new dimension of management

Executives who lead teams today find themselves in a new dimension of management where their ability to communicate, and to recognise and mobilize the team’s resources is now essential. By becoming aware of these new aptitudes and recognising their importance, a modern manager can become a leader: someone who combines professional efficiency with a concern for human factors, who moves from an approach based on power to one based on intuitive and relationship skills as well as technical competences.

The objectives of being coached

  • To develop leadership and communication skills
  • To become a manager who initiates and motivates change
  • To develop the competences of your team
  • To bring innovative approaches to managing change and resolving problems
  • To give constructive feedback
  • To introduce effective delegation
  • To manage virtual teams effectively
  • To establish a policy for retaining talent

Our services

We provide coaching for individuals or teams, delivered face-to-face or via Skype, as well as customised internal training for the manager to become a “leader coach”. We work internationally, in French or English.

  • Senior Executives coaching
  • Team building
  • Performance coaching
  • 360° coaching support
  • Conflict management
  • Internal “posture coach” training or attitude coaching to support management


An experienced team of coaches, in-depth experience of the world of corporate business, its issues and challenges. Executives coaching specialists, team building, change management. Bilingual.


Contact us for more information. Free session contact without financial commitment.
Helene Aubry Denton 350px

Senior Executives coaching, 360° programmes, team building, Posture Coach training, French-English.

Hélène Aubry Denton

IDC founder, Master Coach Certified MCC/ICF, Executive Coach, in-depth experience of multicultural environments.
Philippe Cavin 350px

Extensive experience in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Senior Executives coaching, team building, internal training.

Philippe Cavin

Master Coach Certified IDC, Professional Certified Coach PCC/ICF, trainer and consultant.
Robert Saïah 350px

Trainer, experience of

managing in international organisations. Coaching senior Executives and management teams, coaching in taking up new appoinments, mergers and acquisitions. French-English.

Robert Saïah

Master Coach Certified IDC, Professional Certified Coach PCC/ICF.
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