IDC-Coaching | Follow up in coaching practice and skills development
Following you in your coaching, analysis workshop to refine your skills from certified coach to entreprneur coach, one day to understand and decide.
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Continued education


Educational support, Levels I-II-III

To broaden your choice of intervention, to refine your coaching skills

Who is it intended for ?

To have attended at least IDC’s Basic Level I course, “The Foundations of Coaching and its Practice”.


To allow you to have a fresh look and reflexion on your practice of coaching, to broaden your choice of intervention, to refine your coaching skills, to share your questions and interrogations.


Each workshop evolves according to the requests of the participants: analysis of situations, tools, questions, themes to be developed, practice of coaching with supervision and other propositions.

Dates & Time

2017: January 16th, February 20th, May 22th, October 23th
2018January 22th, February 19th, May 24th, October 22th
3 hours from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Venue : Rue de Grenus 10 – 1201 Genève

Note for our students in Certification training

Optional : participants in Certification training who register for one or more “Coaching Practice Analysis Workshops” are allowed to deduct 3 hours (however many workshop hours they do) from the 10 obligatory hours of coaching. This workshops takes place during the certification process.


Dana Walden / Professional certified coach IDC, ACC/ ICF

Dana offers tailored coaching and HR consulting services to organizations and individuals in order to cultivate talent throughout the employee life cycle. She is a Supervisor on the IDC team. Along the way Dana acquired powerful assessment tools (Insights , Lominger, CPBS 360 ). She conducts workshops and conferences on the topic of professional development.

Number of participants

Minimum: 3 – maximum: 6

Registrations close 3 working days prior the beginning of a workshop 

Pricing and registration form

Ask for special registration form :

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