IDC-Coaching | Quelle formation, le but, les niveaux et les diplômes
La Brochure des formations IDC Institut de Coaching Genève Suisse, les fiches d'inscription, les tarifs et les témoignages.
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Who is it intended for ?

For anyone who wants to progress in their life and enhance their personal development by acquiring competences in an occupation with a strong future.

Why a training in coaching?

  • To start a career in a field that is rapidly expanding
  • To integrate skills in communications, managing people and problems solving

Which training course?

The complete training course contains three parts.

: Basic Level : the foundations of coaching and its practice

II Advanced level (divided into 3 modules)

IIA : Discovering values
IIB : Discovering identity
IIC : Integration

Duration : Levels I and II can be completed over 8 months  (Annual Cycle) or over 16 intensive days (Intensive Cycle at Summer University)

III Certification level (5 months programme)

This level is open to anyone who has completed the previous two levels and wishes to obtain certification in professional coaching.


Accredited ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) by ICF (International Coach Federation) and EduQua (Swiss quality label)

Professional Intensive Training – Basic I & Advanced IIA-IIB-IIC Levels
in French & English

Who is it intended for ?

This intensive programme Levels I-IIA-IIB-IIC is for people who like to push themselves to achieve more, who want to start their coaching activity without delay, who want to broaden their international skills sets.


16 days


In a conference and seminar centre in a beautiful country site in Provence, France.


  • You save several months compared to the normal training course
  • Your training is very practice-oriented : on the fourth or “workshop day” of each modules I, IIA, IIB, IIC you have the opportunity practice either Life or Corporate Coaching
  • The exceptional location adds an extra dimension to your learning. You save several months compared to the normal training course

A CERTIFICATE is presented at the end of the training course (Levels I, IIA-B-C)

accredited by EduQua (Swiss quality label)

Training programme facilitated in French
For high coaching performance programme accredited ACSTH/ICF
Organized every two years

Who is it intended for ?

  • Ford IDC certified coachs
  • For coaches, consultants and trainers with proven professional experience in coaching.


  • 5 three-day modules
  • 5 conferences call
  • 3 supervisions with an IDC Mentor Coach
  • 3 days of integration
  • Group work in pairs by module
  • Writing dissertation

The IDC “Master Coach in Leadership and Communication” Programme is credentialed by ICF as 165 hours ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours). These hours are automatically accepted by ICF as part of accreditation request called “ACSTH Application” for PCC or MCC.

DIPLOMA as « Master Coach inLeadership and Communication »

Accreditedé ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) by ICF (International Coach Federation) & EduQua ((Swiss quality label)

Who is it intended for ?

Consultants, Leaders, Managers, HR Managers, business professionals keen to discover the benefits of organizational coaching. For Experienced Coaches.

What are the advantages ?

  • Applying skills that make an immediate difference in your professional environment and your personal life
  • Acquiring new way of thinking to meet the challenges of corporate world


MODULE I – Coaching and leading in uncertain times by Aboodi Shabi

MODULE II – Exploring the neurosciences of leadership and coaching by David Forster

MODULE III – Generative leadership by Robert Dilts & Stephen Gilligan

MODULE IV – Appreciative coaching by Ann Clancy

MODULE V – Presence as an essential coaching and leadership meta-competency by Doug Silsbee

A CERTIFICATE is delivered at the end each training module

You will get 21 hours of CCEU’S per module

To broaden your choice of intervention, to refine your coaching skills

Who is it intended for ?

To have attended at least IDC’s Basic Level I course, “The Foundations of Coaching and its Practice”.


To allow you to have a fresh look and reflexion on your practice of coaching, to broaden your choice of intervention, to refine your coaching skills, to share your questions and interrogations.


3 hours from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm


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