IDC-Coaching | Educational Charter, The coach's commitment
IDC believes that professional coaching involves a continuous relationship focused on the person. An IDC trained Coach gives an undertaking to adhere to the ethical guidelines of the Coaching Charter. The coach guarantees the process rather than the result. Coaching Charter to which IDC trained professional Coaches undertake to adhere to its ethical guidelines. ________________________________________________________________________________
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IDC Institut de Coaching LTD, based in Geneva, is an independent organisation providing professional training in coaching. IDC comprises a team of trainers who are all practising certified coaches, and who have all followed a specific course in the preparation of trainers given by IDC. We take great care to ensure the continued training of our trainers who are encouraged to take the advanced course in our Institute (MASTER in Coaching IDC) or at another institute. All of our trainers are accredited by the ICF.


• IDC’s mission is to promote training that prepares the participants to become certified trainers themselves, or to incorporate the competences of a professional coach into their job or introduce them in their workplace.


• Training offer: the professional competence of each student is verified by examination at the end of the course. If successful, a “Certified Professional Coach Diploma” is presented.


• Our fundamental values are a respect for the person and a belief in their ability to fully develop their potential. Our teaching draws on these values and on the power of learning based on practical exercises.


• Anyone who wishes to work on the development of another person and is also willing to do some personal development work at the same time should consider registering for professional training in coaching.


• The course offers basic training and a certifying process. It combines theoretical teaching, practical exercises and an experimental approach, which enables the in-depth assimilation of the competences. The apprenticeship is done through continuous feedback throughout the training.



Any professional coach trained by IDC must commit to adhering to the ethical guidelines outlined below.


The IDC Coaching Institute believes that professional coaching involves a continuous relationship focused on the client. It provides the support they require whilst working towards a specific goal: to achieve their objectives whilst staying true to their own values.


The IDC builds its approach on the following principles:

  • Each individual has unique talents
  • Each is responsible for their own success
  • Each client has significant, often dormant, potential, that simply requires to be unlocked, developed and realised
  • Each has all the necessary resources to succeed in both their professional and personal endeavours


On the basis of these principles, the coach is committed to:

  • Guiding the client towards a resolution of their problems by exploring their own resources
  • Helping them to clarify their values and align their actions with these values
  • Being mindful of signs that can spur the client into action
  • Encouraging a proactive attitude
  • Making each individual aware that they are responsible for every aspect of their lives


To assist clients in this process, the coach accompanies them on their “journey” rather than directing them; s/he applies active listening techniques and offers unconditional and non-judgmental support, along with encouragement, feedback and all the necessary tools that are instrumental to the coaching process.


Within the framework of their responsibilities, the coach guarantees the process rather than the result. S/he will promise to refer to an appropriate specialist anyone suffering from a severe psychological disorder or depression, with strong dependencies, phobias or other form of trauma or mental health condition. S/he promises not to engage in any psychological influencing techniques (including hypnosis) except with the express understanding and agreement of the client.

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