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All our trainers and supervisors are accredited by ICF, they hold an IDC Master Coach Diploma and are accredited as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
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All our trainers and supervisors have completed the full programme of IDC training and certification. They are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Associate Certified Coach (ACC). In addition, our trainers hold an IDC Master Coach Diploma. They have followed an internal trainer’s training programme of approximately 15 months, and they all have an active coaching activity. You can find their profiles and interests below.



Founder of the IDC Coaching Institute SA Geneva, Training Director, MCC/ICF


Hélène gained in-depth experience of multicultural environments as a Senior Executive in the banking industry.

18 years ago she founded IDC Institut de Coaching SA in Geneva which today is the leading professional coaching institute in the Swiss Romande. Hélène is an Executive Coach, an ICF Certified Master Coach (MCC) and holds a doctorate in Politics and International Economics. She has created specialist training programmes such as the Master and the Corporate Coaching Training. She coaches Senior Executives on change management and on developing their leadership capabilities. Hélène has always considered human factors and relationships as the major driving forces of her actions. She loves running and practices Internal Martial Arts.

Languages: French, English


Professional Certified Coach IDC, PCC/ICF


Having founded and led several companies, Philippe is an entrepreneur who knows the business world very well. He strongly believes in using emotional intelligence to achieve change.

After 15 years of working in the financial sector and creating companies, Philippe set up Team Consulting Sàrl in order to use his experience and personal communication skills in advising businesses. He is an IDC Master Coach, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ICF, a trainer and consultant. He holds a master in NLP and an IFCAM Project Head diploma. For 10 years he has been guiding leaders, teams and companies in strategic thinking and managing change.

Language: French

Rose-Marie Fleury N-B

Professional Certified Coach IDC, PCC/ICF


After 15 years of coaching Rose-Marie has preserved her enthusiasm for working with her clients, bringing out their inner resources and helping them overcome their blockages.

Her coaching focuses on self-development and on whatever brings meaning to life. Rose-Marie has a long experience of working with children that enables her to help coaches interested in this approach. As a Master Coach IDC, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ICF, trainer and supervisor at IDC, she fulfils her passion by helping students as they learn the beautiful profession of coaching. To relax and regenerate, she cycles through the magnificent countryside of France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Combining curiosity with movement helps her to find her balance.

Language: French


Professional Certified Coach IDC, PCC/ICF


Elena is an executive leadership coach. She set up her own company Coaching-Riviera in Montreux.

She coaches managers of multinational organisations, supports leaders in achieving their goals, overcoming their challenges and redefining their career orientation. Elena has a Master’s Degree in Economics and fifteen years of experience long as a marketing professional in one of the top global companies . This experience proved to be of great value, as it helps her to deeply understand various business contexts. Having the benefit of living in different countries and working in an international environment it enables her to deeply understand cross-cultural and expatriation issues. She is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) ICF. She recently joined the IDC team of Trainers.

Languages: French, Russian, English, Italian

Antonino M._N-B

Professional Certified Coach IDC, PCC/ICF


Antonino, or “Nino” has over 20 years work experience in the fields of Human Resources management, sales, administration and coaching in an international environment, with a specific orientation in human capital development, enhancement of communication and effective action process. He supports Leaders to clarify and to determine how to improve their contribution to their organization’s success, and to become more highly effective and efficient. He is a Certified Master Coach IDC, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ICF and a Master NLP Practitioner. He is an IDC’s supervisor and will join the team of IDC trainers shortly.

Languages: French, English, Italian


Professional Certified Coach IDC, ACC/ICF


Executive Coach, Barbara uses her professional competences in marketing strategies and branding to support her clients in their vision and their development .

She is an IDC’s Supervisor and recently joined our team of trainers for the English speaking part..

Language: English



Professional Certified Coach IDC, PCC/ICF


Christophe believes in “building on each person’s competences and creating healthy relationships in working teams to optimise motivation and performance”.

He is double certified in individual and team coaching, as well as has a Master’s degree in the Science of Education. He divides his activities between training adults, coaching managers and supervising teams. He bases his practice on the posture and tools of coaching, while borrowing from models of transactional analysis and systems. Instead of giving advice, he prefers the results to come from the facts on the ground and from a spirit of collaboration in building solutions and strategies for change.

Language: French

Philippe L2._nb

Professional Certified Coach IDC, PCC/ICF


With a scientific background in biology and computer sciences, Philippe has worked 19 years for an international Health company. He has practiced Team management, Project/programme management and Innovation Management. Philippe decided to train in Traditional Chinese Medicine – for which he has a passion – and in Corporate Coaching. He coaches managers in their performance, career transition, and/or new position. He is a IDC Master Coach, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ICF and a Supervisor on the IDC team. In his spare time he coaches women’s basketball team and practices latin dance.

Languages: French, English

Dana Walden_N-B.

Professional Certified Coach IDC, ACC/ICF


After receiving a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA), Dana began her Human Resources career working for a multinational company. She pursued HR opportunities in the US, France, and Switzerland growing from a specialist in expatriate HR to a Generalist HR Manager with functional and team leadership responsibilities at a European level. Dana offers tailored coaching and HR consulting services to organizations and individuals in order to cultivate talent throughout the employee life cycle. She is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) ICF and a Supervisor on the IDC team. Along the way Dana acquired powerful assessment tools (Insights , Lominger, CPBS 360 ). She conducts workshops and conferences on the topic of professional development.

Languages: English, French


Our phone lines are open daily (except Wednesday) from 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:00.
Viviana and Emmanuel respond to your requests for our training programmes and to any matter of administration seminars, areas for which they are your contacts.

Office Manager

Viviana is in charge of the IDC office management and responsible for the administration of all training activities.

Languages: French, Spanish, English, Italian 



Head of secretariat, administrative follow-up of training course and communication.

Languages: French, English, Italian

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