IDC-Coaching | Identifying and supporting the Pivotal moments of change in our clients
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Identifying and supporting the Pivotal moments of change in our clients

We as coaches, have witnessed – at one time or another – these privileged moments when our client, in freeing himself from limiting modes of functioning, opens up a space of growth, creativity, and discovers the source of a powerful, dynamic change. These are known as “AHA moments”, a moment of awareness and enlightenment, as if the brain was forming a new map. The creation of this map evokes a breath of energy that is very perceptible and literally expresses itself through facial expressions and body language.

Ann Clancy and Jacqueline Binkert are passionate about this topic, and after thorough research have developed their latest book Pivoting, A Coach’s Guide To Igniting Substantial Change that I had the pleasure to read and write praise. Based on their research and experience as coaches, they explain how these pivotal moments arrive and how coaches can support their clients as they experience these powerful changes in perception.

Ann Clancy will present a seminar on “Appreciative Coaching” in June, 2017 for IDC’s Master Coach in Leadership and Communication Training Program, where she will discuss this topic, including the coach’s role in stimulating these powerful changes with their clients.
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