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To improve our image?  Do something new just for the sake of it?

At the end of last year,  we carried out an extensive survey among our students to see if they  liked our training courses and to invite suggestions for improving them.  We also asked our  long-term clients for their views on how we might evolve and develop.

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We wish to thank all those who completed the questionnaire, both for the impressive number of replies we received and for their many positive comments on the quality of our training, its contents and our team of trainers.  The survey has provided very useful input to our thoughts on the need for development.  This new website is one part of our response. What’s new about it :

  • More user friendly & more dynamic
  • New workshops
  • A newsletter “IDC NEWS”
  • You can now follow us on LinkedIn & Facebook
  • Our “Responsive Design” can be seen on all smartphones and tablets

… and much more!   We have other  projects in the development stage and we will  tell you about them as they progress. So we’ll be in touch again soon.


To help your development, to continue your training and to give yourself greater professional dynamism.

Today, we all know that continued education training is an essential element in professional development. It refreshes our competences and gives added impetus to our personal and professional plans.

For this reason, we are offering two new workshops.

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One workshop is intended for coaches who become an “Entrepreneur-Coach”, addressing all the challenges that this step involves. It is an opportunity to benefit from all the know-how of a specialist who left the corporate world to dedicate herself to an entrepreneurship adventure.

The other workshop has as its core element the personal presence of the coach that is essential for successful coaching in complex situations. Developing this presence gives any coach a powerful resource for change (in French).

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With world-renowned speakers

Our 2017 MASTER PROGRAMME is on line! Come to share the expertise of recognized worldwide trainers and acquire unique approaches valid in the corporate world as well as in personal coaching. The IDC “Master Coach” diploma is accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation). Bilingual French-English course.

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At last! Official recognition for coaching professionals in Switzerland.


The requirements for obtaining this new diploma include the validation of experience acquired by professionals who must have been actively coaching for at least four years.

What training? What requirements?

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 Candidates must:

  • present documentation of their professional experience in coaching and in supervision (at least four years of experience required)
  • prepare a dissertation and a coaching case study explaining and illustrating their methods and practice
  • Pass an oral examination by a jury
  • The title of “Supervisor-Coach”  relates to the practices in the social sphere in Switzerland where coaching-type activities are commonly referred to as

What is the role of IDC?

IDC certification training in coaching, accredited by EduQua, enables students to acquire the basic coaching competences that are required to obtain the diploma. Candidates for the federal diploma may  offer this training as evidence of their experience. Other conditions are also imposed before the diploma can be awarded.

Related to this requirement, one of the official provider of the training is Synopia, a company in which one of the IDC trainers is involved. It has already proposed a curriculum to begin at the start of 2016 as well as the process of validating previous experience. This will enable interested candidates to acquire or consolidate the experience required for the diploma and will give them the best chance to pass the examination.  With their previous experience taken into account, the modular structure of the training allows them to avoid some or all the proposed sessions. This arrangement maximises the synergy between IDC training in coaching and Synopia’s professional preparation for the federal diploma.

IDC has been one of the first Swiss institutes of training in professional coaching to be accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation) which works to gain international recognition for our profession.  We are very pleased that, at last, coaching has been given an official status in Switzerland.

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