IDC-Coaching | Who are we ? Our vision of coaching, IDC coaching model.
IDC Professional Coaching Training in Geneva - offers a professional coaching training accredited by ICF and EduQua. IDC offers a Certified Coaching Training Programme in French and in English. IDC a leader in its field - Coaching training accredited - Geneva - Switzerland. IDC is the first Swiss institute to have its professional coaching training recognised and accredited making it one of the leading coach-training institutes in Europe and internationally. Accreditation awarded of the training course, its structure, its content and the quality of the training team.
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A leader in its field


IDC is an independent training organization in professional coaching founded in 1998 and the leader in French-speaking Switzerland. It is registered in Geneva as IDC, Coaching Institute SA. IDC offers a Certified Coaching Training Programme in French and in English. The training takes place in Switzerland and France . It follows a practical, interactive approach and is led by an international team of trainers (Swiss, French and American). All of them are professional coaches with in-depth practical experience, particularly in the corporate world.

The Certified Professional Training has received the International Accreditation ACTP (Accredited Coaching Training Programme) from ICF (International Coach Federation) and EduQua, Swiss certificate of quality for continuous training. This accreditation applies to the training in French and English.

The training “Master Coach in Leadership and Communication” is accredited as an ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) by ICF.


We have an optimistic view of the latent capacity of human beings. Coaching is a means of awaking, developing and realizing this capacity.

We believe in a world where everyone is responsible for their own success, for what they accomplish in life and their self-fulfilment.

We are convinced that the real performance starts with the valorisation of the human being, when individuals experience meaning in what they do.


Any sound structure must be built on solid foundations.

Using high quality materials in a harmonious design also ensures that it is long lasting and beautiful.

This simple metaphor has been a valuable guide in building the IDC coaching model. We use it in the coaching process itself, and as a training plan.

The essence of our goal is to make each person aware of their full potential and their personal values – in short, their identity.

Assimilating their deep identity gives their life more meaning and dimension.

Our strengths

Your benefits

Leader in coaching training in Switzerland with more than 1 500 trained  coaches

Our experience at the service of your development

First training in Switzerland to be accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF)

Provides a competitive edge both in content and stature

Training curriculum in French and English

Widens and enriches your practice

Choice of training courses: one-year programme or short intensive

Flexibility to organize your timetable

All our trainers and supervisors are accredited by ICF

High level professionals to support your progress

A methodology based on practice using the latest advances in the Systemic Approach and Neurosciences

To improve your performance as a coach that directly benefits  your clients
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